Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Some Highlights:

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar crossover written by Keith Giffen which begins in April. “The multiverse is not involved,” Peterson said, stressing that Giffen had found a way to tell the story without invoking the 52 worlds of the DC multiverse.

The Secret History of the Authority: Hawksmoor, wherein, “Jack Hawksmoor, the king of cities, finds out that San Francisco is trying to kill him, and has to find out why,”

Kirby then discussed New Dynamix, coming next month, and panel latecomer Jim Lee said that Kirby and writer Allen Warner sold them on the idea due to their passion for a variety of underused Wildstorm characters from the past who the team wanted to dust off and bring back into play

Batman: Death Mask, though starring Batman, is being packaged by Wildstorm, under Editor Jim Chadwick. The story is an original manga story by Yoshinori Natsume, and is set both in present day and flashbacks to the past, when Bruce Wayne spent time in Japan, learning the martial arts. “Bruce Wayne may have unleashed certain things whose ramifications will reach all the way to present day Gotham City.”

Asked about Wildcats, Lee said that he has the second script from Grant Morrison, but Wildstorm will not solicit it until there are several issues ready to go. The story should run six issues long. “At this point there’s no way to make amends,” Lee said, “All we can do it make sure than when it does ship, it’s the best story it can be.” Lee added that the story is now out of continuity, and takes place before the events which are currently happening with the Wildcats in the present-day Wildstorm Universe

Will characters from Sleeper such as Toa show up in Wildstorm? Peterson: “Yes. I can’t go into it specifically, but you will see the characters in the not to distant future.”

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