Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yeah, It's CMX. CMX is a division of Wildstorm so it gets a mention here...

In April, DC Comics will be releasing Batman: Death Mask—a prestige format limited series—introducing renowned Japanese writer/artist Yoshinori Natsume to the American mainstream comic book market. In Batman: Death Mask, the Dark Knight must hunt down a mysterious, new serial killer with connections to Bruce Wayne’s initial globe spanning training that led to his transformation into Batman. It’s possible that this deadly killer may even know who Batman is. Batman: Death Mask is an original four issue mini-series that blends an iconic American superhero with the Japanese Manga style of storytelling.

Yoshinori Natsume: Batman is an established character and everyone has his or her own idea about what he is supposed to look like. But I think it’s a lot of fun seeing how different artists interpret the character, and how they each bring their own unique “take” to the Batman.

A full interview with Yoshinori Natsume can be found here.

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