Friday, February 8, 2008


THE DRIZZLE: This is going to be a monthly column for the site, where I just give my musings of the Wildstorm titles I read. Thing I like, don't like or just what I'm thinking as I read them. they will be from the month before because I get my book from DCBS monthly. So this will be about the WIldstorm books that were released in January. in the order that I read them.
Wildstorm Revelations 1 & 2

  • wes Craig, Diamond in the ruff.

  • Savant knows how to handle a weiner. BOTH hands in the right position.

  • So that's what Fuji's named after. got it.

  • Winter cops a feel, gets accused of being a kid toucher, and pays the price.

  • The weaponry of Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

  • Nemesis redefines getting krunked.

  • The Authority gets punked

  • Nemesis' soliloquy, I laughed out loud.

  • "I'm gonna shower off this pus and have high tea with Bono" The indifference of Jenny Quantum

  • An adorable tesseract-bomb

  • Midnighter suspecting that they were being gamed. Nice touch.

  • Concubine #543

  • Glop

  • Forecast: Gloppy

  • Appollo concerned with being eatened or mated with... or both.

  • Midnighter, eunuch?

  • Majestic, pumped for information.

Midnighter 15

  • Don't play chess with Midnighter.

  • The Midnighter loophole.

  • The chasm between the known and unknown.

  • Midnighter's warning to his daughter, Jenny.

Authority Prime 4

  • Confused by sobriety and lack of shameless nudity.

  • Midnighter pillow talk.

  • Rose is Rose.

  • Midnighter is working.

  • Then again, Rose is Rose.

Gen13 16

  • "Borderline retarded version of situationism"

  • Fairchild takes the direct approach

  • I'd be mad if I was accused of wearing ugg boots.

  • Burnout's perfidy.

  • Establishing shot. oh I see, he's not making reality TV, he's making a comic.

  • Rainmaker knows the true meaning of dirty pillows.

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