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Eye Of The Storm Episode 7!

Finally! So sorry for taking so long with one. In this whopper of an episode( by my standards) I explains my absense. I talk about my time at the 2008 NY Comiccon. I give reviews on Wildcats: Worlds End #1, Authority: Worlds End #1, Gen13 #21, and StormWatch PHD #13, which is filled with spoilers but I neglected to mention that in the recording. I annouce the shows first contest. Then I go over the solicitations for February's WildStorm Titles.

Contest: " Who are the original members of Team 7?"

Simply answer that question above and send it to me by December 31, 2008, either by email, audio comment, or PM me, and your name goes into a hat and I will ramdomly pick a winner. The winner will recieve ; Wildcats: Worlds End #1, Authority: Worlds End #1, Gen13 #21, StormWatch PHD #13, and Team 7 #1 (from the 1994 series)

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Special thanks to Derek Coward

Monday, May 5, 2008


Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Lee Garbett & Trevor Scott
Cover by Ivan Reis & Trevor ScottUniverses collide!
The Justice League vs. the Authority. The Legion of Super-Heroes vs. Stormwatch. The Justice Society vs. Tranquility. When opposites meet, chaos reigns!

On sale May 21 • 2 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by B. Clay Moore
Art and cover by Carlo Barberi& Drew Geraci
From the creative genius of B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, JSA) and Carlo Barberi (Gen13) comes a dangerous, thrilling action-packed adventure in which a young woman rapidly comes to terms with her strange, incredible new life!Casey Blue is an average high school senior — she studies hard with an eye toward college, enjoys extracurricular sports, and likes spending time with friends and family...until the moment she savagely murders a stranger with her bare hands, leading to revelations about her role in preventing a full-scale invasion of earth! The only problem? She has no idea she’s humanity’s salvation!

On sale May 21 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Peter Milligan
Art and cover by C.P. Smith
Max has finally become the superman that the U.S. Government has sought — but at what price? And is American society crumbed beyond salvage? The super-human war of ideologies is on!

On sale May 21 • 11 of 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Monday, April 28, 2008


Hey, Storm Watchers

I did a recording over the weekend but and before I could save it Audacity closed out on me. I guess you get what you pay for. Audacity is a free program. I was able to find temporary files of what I recorded but it's all in pieces. I am going to try to piece it back together. If not, I'll just rerecord it. Lesson learned I guess, next time I'll have a back up recorder on, Like my iRiver.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


There's a new WildStorm on the horizon. From all the hints and revelations from WildStorm's recent events and the currently running Number of the Beast miniseries, a change is in store that will leave the figures in the WildStorm Universe reeling from its effect. Earlier, WS Senior Editor Ben Abernathy revealed to Newsarama in an exclusive interview the launch of three new series spinning out of the events of Number of the Beast, and today we talk with the writer of one of them: WildCats: Worlds End writer Christos Gage.

Christos Gage has quickly risen through the ranks of comics, becoming one of the hottest writers out there who's not under an exclusive. He's writing for DC, he's writing for Marvel and he's one of the key creators in the recent months in the WildStorm universe. In 2006, he debuted the twelve-issue series Stormwatch: Post Human Division, and later he wrote an acclaimed issue of Midnighter and did the WildCats: Armageddon one shot. Just recently he put The Authority at odds with Stormwatch PHD in Authority: Prime, bringing a return of the monstrous Henry Bendix.And today, we talk to him about the new Wildcats series he's launching with artist Neil Googe.

Newsarama: Ok, let's break it open, Christos. What is the new Wildcats series about?

Christos Gage: It's about the Wildcats.

NRAMA: … oh no, it's going to be one of those.

CG: Okay, I'm not going to be THAT coy. But I don't want to spoil the currently running Number Of The Beast series, by Scott Beatty and Chris Sprouse, so I can't spill everything. I will say that the premise is something I don't believe has ever been done in an ongoing superhero book before. Fans of every era of the Wildcats, from the early Image period to Alan Moore's run to Joe Casey's Wildcats 3.0, will find nods to those classic issues. But our goal, while respecting the past, is to blaze new trails, so those who have never read a Wildcats comic before have a perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something really exciting.

NRAMA: Now you're speaking my language. The solicitation promises a "wholly new vision" for the Wildcats. What would that be?

CG: Well, judging from the cover art, Los Angeles isn't in very good shape at all. Something earth-shattering has happened. The Wildcats have to deal with a radical new status quo in the WildStorm Universe. Is it something they can undo? Or are they just picking up the pieces and helping the survivors as best they can? At the core of the book is this question: What does a team of world-savers do when they've failed to save the world?

NRAMA: There's also mention of the classic Wildcats team – when I think classic, I go all the way back to the classic 1992 first issue. Am I far off, or will we be seeing some old faces like Emp and Warblade?

CG: Not Emp. The prior Wildcats series are still in continuity, meaning that Emp has moved on to a higher state of being. But, yes, Warblade is there, along with Maul, Zealot, Grifter, Voodoo, and a version of Spartan who looks similar to his old-school self. But there are new faces as well, including Nemesis and the new Backlash...and of course Maxine Manchester, aka Ladytron, is making her triumphant and psychotic return!

NRAMA: Ladytron's probably one of Alan Moore's most sustaining contributions to the WildStorm Universe. Good pick, Christos.You're working on this series with artist Neil Googe, who just completed some breakout work on WildStorm's Welcome to Tranquility. Seeing how the art is such a big part of a comic – some would say the most important – what's it like knowing your scripts will be served up with Neil drawing it?

CG: It's fantastic. I was a huge fan of what Neil did on Welcome To Tranquility, which is one of my favorite new books of recent years...but I think he's stepped up his game even more with Wildcats! His style has become edgier and more detailed. Check out his cover to #1--that's what you can expect. His art is incredibly intricate, powerful, and tells the story perfectly. And his designs for the characters are right on target. Maxine, Maul--really, all of them--look perfect, truly embodiments of who they are as characters. It's terrific stuff.

NRAMA: This series also promises a back-up story by you and artist Trevor Hairsine. What's the back-up about?

CG: The backup is about John Lynch--the original John Lynch from Team Seven. It concerns his renewed struggle with an of the preeminent villains in the WildStorm Universe. Hairsine' art on this one is a real treat.

NRAMA: How does this fit in with the postponed Wildcats series by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee?
CG: Judging from what Jim Lee has said recently, I believe that series--which is planned to be completed as a six-issue miniseries--is no longer in continuity. I think it's basically "All-Star Wildcats" now. But you'd have to check with Jim to be sure.

NRAMA: We'll definitely be talking to Jim. Christos, 've been a big part in charting this new day and age in the WildStorm U, writing Armageddon and the recent Authority: Prime miniseries. How does this series play into that?

CG: Our series is informed by what's come before, and the new status quo is set up to a large degree in those titles. But this is a new beginning, and new readers will be able to pick up Wildcats #1 and get all the information they need to enjoy the story on its own merits. Having said that, Wildcats: Armageddon especially has an effect on the new ongoing, so interested parties may want to check out the just-released WildStorm: Armageddon TPB!

NRAMA: And speaking larger, as one of the architects of this new WildStorm age – how would you describe it as a whole?

CG: Very exciting. The creative teams of the books are bold and top-notch, perfectly suited to their titles. We're taking an approach that, as I said, I can't recall seeing in a superhero universe before, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Also, I just want to say that editor Ben Abernathy is determined that these books will come out on time. Most of them have multiple issues already in the can--and they don't ship until summer! I've read them, and it's excellent stuff. I know many readers were disappointed with the delays of Wildcats and Authority last time around, but I hope they'll give these books a shot...they'll be on time, and they'll be good. Pick up the first issues and see for yourself!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Following the cataclysmic conclusion to NUMBER OF THE BEAST comes the dawn of a whole new age: WILDSTORM WORLD'S END! The heroes failed to save the planet from destruction and now struggle to survive in a brutal, post-apocalyptic environment...but with humanity largely dead and the Earth broken, what does the term "hero" even mean?

Follow the gripping survival story in four on-going titles: WILDCATS, AUTHORITY, STORMWATCH PHD, and GEN13, all featuring a serialized back-up story further expanding on this bleak new world illustrated by some of the top names in the industry!

Check This 9 page! preview of

Written by Christos Gage; Art by Neil Googe and Trevor Hairsine; Covers by Neil Googe

And here what else to expect from WORLD'S END!

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning; Art & cover by Simon Coleby; Back-up art Trevor Hairsine

The Authority have survived the cataclysmic events following Number of the Beast-but only just barely! Do they have a hope of rebuilding their "finer world" or is that the memory of a dead age? This will be open an astounding new direction for the series!

GEN 13 #21
Written by Scott Beatty; Art & cover by Mike Huddleston; Back-up art Trevor Hairsine

Look before you leap! After jumping through an I.O. teleportation device at the close of their last adventure, the Gen13 kids find themselves in a radically changed world that they NEVER expected! The fallout from Number of the Beast continues as the epic "Teenage Wasteland" begins!

Written by Ian Edginton; Art by Leandro Fernandez & Francisco Paronzini: Cover by Fernandez; Back-up art by Trevor Hairsine

After the shattering conclusion to Number of the Beast, Jackson King has once again resumed the role of Weatherman and takes StormWatch in a dramatic new direction! But what role does StormWatch have in this dramatic, deadly new world?


Wildstorm Productions and DC are working hard to bring game comics to the masses, including a newly-announced Gears of War 2 comic due out this fall. Along with the previously annouced Prototype comic due out in August.
Gears of War 2 will enjoy a thorough lead-in via a comic rather than a demo, which, like many game novels, will help to fill in the little details about the world prior to the game's release. "Epic sets the bar very high, in graphics, story, and gameplay," said Wildstorm's Hank Kanalz. "…expect no less from our series, starting with our lead-in arc that fills in the gaps between the first game and the upcoming sequel."

For fans of both comics and "The X-Files," the biggest news to come out of the X-Files panel appeared to be an accidental one. On Saturday it was announced that DC/Wildstorm will be publishing a new X-Files comic book series later this year Written by Frank Spotnitz.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I patched this one up using my iRiver. I get right into some show updates, I give a shout out to two new podcast. Comictube and Gotham Knights(check them out!) I do a Forecast where I go over recent news and a new Almanac going over the July, 2008 solicits. I do a Quick WildShots, Reviewing Number of the Beast. Hope to see some of you at NY Comic Con. Thanks to Derek Coward! Enjoy! ...and Keep your eye on the Storm!


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And The Nominees Are!...

These are the nominees for the 2008 Eisner Awards as related to WildStorm...

Best Writer: • Brian K. Vaughan (Y: THE LAST MAN, EX MACHINA, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)



Best Publication Design: • HEROES VOL. 1, designed by John Roshell/Comicraft (OCT078349 — available for reorder)

For the Full list check here

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Press Release
DC Comics, the largest English language comic book publisher in the world, and Sierra Entertainment – a division of Vivendi Games, today announced plans to publish an all-new comic book series based on the eagerly anticipated and already highly acclaimed open-world/action video game PROTOTYPE™. The series is set to debut this August via DC’s WildStorm imprint, and the addition of such unique, original IP video games like PROTOTYPE is sure to increase their successful line of best-selling comics based on licensed properties. Further details surrounding the new comic book series will be announced later this year.

PROTOTYPE puts gamers in control of Alex Mercer – a genetically mutated shape-shifter with no memory of his past hell-bent on solving the mystery of his existence – as he tears through a densely populated New York City moving with Parkour-style fluidity and consuming anybody that gets in his way…assuming their physical identity, memories and abilities. Fueled by a three way war between Alex, the military and its elite Blackwatch division, and a viral outbreak known as the Infected, players will venture deep into a dark conspiracy 40 years in the making.

“PROTOTYPE is all about shape-shifting action, and we’re using that key element to redefine the open-world game space,” said Al Simone, Sr. VP of Global Marketing, Sierra Entertainment. “Another key feature setting PROTOTYPE apart from other open-world games is its incredibly deep, conspiracy-based back-story, and by joining forces with the largest comic book publisher in the world – DC Comics – we can bring this new anti-hero and his tale to an even wider audience of comics fans and gamers alike.”

“We’re blown away with what Sierra and developer Radical Entertainment have shown us of PROTOTYPE, and know with absolute certainty that this will make for a terrific comic book,” said Hank Kanalz, VP & General Manager, WildStorm. “PROTOTYPE’s back-story, visuals and gameplay are stunning, and we have every intention of bringing those core pillars to our book because this is a great opportunity to expand on the world they’ve created, and build something new and interesting for comics fans.”

PROTOTYPE delivers a fresh take on open-world games, with key features separating the game from the rest of the pack, including the anti-hero main character Alex Mercer and his deadly shape-shifting abilities, a stunning representation of New York City circa 2008 as the backdrop, and ‘Deceive or Destroy’ gameplay allowing players the choice to either blend in with the population or fully unleash Alex’s deadly powers. With Radical Entertainment behind the wheel using their innovative ‘Titanium’ game engine, and touting a catalog of successful titles including the highly acclaimed The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Simpsons Hit & Run and others, PROTOTYPE is aligned to be the ground-breaking open-world/action experience gamers have been waiting for.

PROTOTYPE is planned to release this fall for next-gen console systems and the PC, and is currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. For more information on PROTOTYPE, be sure to visit the official game website located at .

Monday, April 7, 2008


5x5! Sorry, I know I said Saturday or Sunday. I was having a technical difficulty...
anyhoo... This is a quick one with a short "Forecast" a new "WildShots" reviewing The New Dynamix. and a new "Into the Wild" giving an overview of Welcome to Tranquility: Armageddon and Wetworks: Armageddon.

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Hey Storm Watchers!

We have a new forum set up at thanks to Peter Rios. This will now be the main area for talking about the show or Wildstorm, but I'll still be updating the old forum I set up with the Ning portal, The Wednesday Society.
We have a comment line now 1(914) 595-6629. So be dailing! Leave a comment about the show or a review of a Wildstorm book or whatever you want to talk about.
I will be at the
New York Comic Con! I will be there mainly as a spectator but I will be bringing my iRiver along and hopefully do some recording for the show. Special thanks to David Price of Marvel Noise.
Episode 5 will be up either Saturday night or Sunday.



Friday, March 28, 2008


...Tough as nails and hellbent for leather. I wonder what present-day character in the WS Universe she may have inspired...

...I don't want to give too much away about Midnight Rider, but I will say she was fun to design, even with the difficulty involved in finding reference for her motorcycle.We round out our exclusive look at the heroes of Number of the Beast tomorrow with the debut of Johnny Ray-Gun!

Update 4/08/08

... Engine Joe's best pal next to Tumbleweed. Mago is the Paladins' resident spellcaster. He didn't sell his soul for magical power... he rented it out.

... Mago was the most difficult character to design out of the bunch we're highlighting. There are so many magical characters in comics that everything's been done before. I finally settled on his look because I happened to be re-reading Scorpio Rose by Steve Englehart & Marshall Rogers and this inspired the idea of a sort of Romanian/Eastern European vibe. I know "mago" is an Italian word, but I think the look still suits the character.Come back to Newsarama on Monday for a look at the seventh hero, the Midnight Rider!

Update 4/04/08

...The Thrush's teen partner-in-crimefighting, still learning the ropes.

...Falconette is Robin to The Thrush's Batman, basically--a younger, spunkier winged wonder. I designed Thrush first, and just went with the same basic bird helmet look for Falconette.

Next up… the mysterious Mago!

Update 4/03/08

...Winged fury. She's not the first Thrush.

... The Thrush was one of those characters that I saw in my head while reading the script and was somehow able to quickly get her down on paper exactly as I visualized her. She was the third character I designed, right after Engine Joe and Aeronaut, and with her design I felt like I was on to something, really getting the retro feel.

Stay Tuned – tomorrow si the debut of Thrush’s sidekick, the Falconette!

Update 4/02/01

...Before there was HEMI, there was Engine Joe. He's the guy you call when you need a little roadside assistance.

...This guy was my favorite Number of the Beast character the instant I read his first appearance in the script. Engine Joe is supposed to look as if he's made from converted car parts, so I gathered up a bunch of 1950's Edsel reference photos and came up with what you see. He's very difficult to draw, but he's still the highlight of the book for me.

update 4/01/08

... The most solid, stand-up hero in the Paladins. He's the guy you want at your back in a big fight, mainly because he's virtually indestructible.

...Black Anvil is a super cool 70's style hero, but instead of giving him an iron afro as Scott suggested in the proposal, I went with a hairstyle that reinforced the anvil theme.

Come back tomorrow as we introduce you to Engine Joe!

Update 3/31/08

In the ashes of Revelations comes the forgotten heroes of the WildStorm Universe. It breaks wide open with the upcoming eight issue miniseries Number of the Beast. Written by Scott Beatty and illustrated by Chris Sprouse, the series follows a hereto unknown group of heroes known as the Paladins, who were an unrevealed until now.

The first issue of Number of the Beast hits shelves on April 9th.

...Aero-Nut and Jet-Jerk in just a few pages. You'd have to be arrogant and self-assured to strap a mini fighter jet to your back for a little solo-flying.

...He thinks he's cool, funny, and irresistible to the lady-superheroes, but he's just a type-A jerk! Design-wise, he was one of the harder characters to nail down, since there are already a few rocket-pack powered guys out there and I didn't want to make him too terribly similar to any of them. In the end, We settled on a sort of old-fashioned US Navy pilot flight helmet and flight suit look.

Ooooo thats Sprousey goodness!Newsarama is showing a series of stetches with commentary by creators Scott Beatty and Chris sprouse. Stay tuned on Monday for Day 2, and the hero known as the Black Anvil.

For more Sprousey goodness and NOTB pics check out his Blog!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Quatro! For Episode four I go over the June solicits for WildStorm and CMX, I give a review of Wildcat #1, and I do a Woman tribute for Woman's history(herstory) Month. No "Into The wild" for this episode, sorry couldn't get my notes together. Hope you enjoy and have a happy Easter! Peace!

Download Here

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Real aritcle

Who is Casey Blue?That’s a question many people have been asking. We can tell you this much – she’s a senior in high school, gets good grades and plays some sports. Sounds like a good kid, huh? But when the news comes in that she killed a stranger with her bare hands and (AND!?) she’s to play a pivotal role in preventing an alien invasion of earth… well, we need to know more!

Revealed in DC Comics’ advance solicitations for May releases, Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow is a six-issue miniseries by writer B. Clay Moore and artist Carlo Barberi. Moore is a relative newcomer to DC Comics having only penned a few issues, but this debut with a new series marks a ringing endorsement for the Hawaiian Dick writer. We talked with Moore to find out.. well, more.

NRAMA: Casey Blue is a new name in comics. Who is she and what's the series about?

BCM: Casey Blue is an average teenage girl living a fairly average life. Mom and Dad at home, big brother living on his own in the city. She's an average volleyball player, relatively popular, but otherwise fairly average. And then she breaks into a complete stranger's apartment and beats them to death.

The book is about why this happened, why she had no control over it, and why it's just the first step in a much, much larger event. We follow Casey as she begins to unravel her role in events that will impact tomorrow. And, yes...BEYOND.

NRAMA: “Beyond Tomorrow,” if the title stands correctly. If you were to describe what the series is as a whole, what would you say?

BCM: I'd describe it as a mystery thriller evolving into a science fiction action adventure. Or something even more clever.

NRAMA: You’re been cleverly secretive about the series. But lets try to dig deeper, shall we? The series cover shows some a distinctly non-human being in the background. What's his story?

BCM: Good question. I'll just say that he's one of many. And that he's a problem.

NRAMA: The cover also hints at some other elements with the appearance of some masked special forces type people. What's their involvement?

BCM: The first people we meet in the book are those masked agents, at some date in the past. Hopefully the reader will wonder who they are, but it's all part of the unfolding mystery. I will say they're the catalysts to the events that envelope Casey (and perhaps others like her).

NRAMA: You're working with artist Carlo Barberi. What has the artwork been like coming in, and what's Carlo done to surprise you?

BCM: Carlo is fantastic. He works in a style that's quite a bit different from that of anyone I've worked with before, but there's a lot of substance behind the style. The guy can handle more than just pretty girls. His environments are great, and he understands comic book storytelling and framing action. It's been more fun than I imagined.

NRAMA: This is being put out by WildStorm’s “Signature Series” imprint --is this part of the WildStorm universe, or something separate?

BCM:I think this one will probably stand on its own, actually. There are some events that take place that impact, like...the future of the world. And those pesky Wildstorm heroes would probably want to be involved if they were around.

NRAMA: How did the idea for Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow and working with DC/WildStorm originate?

BCM: I'd been working with Wildstorm editor Ben Abernathy on another project when he approached me with some loose ideas for a book, and asked if I'd like to be involved. Working with Ben has been great so far, and I jumped at the idea. I took the basic threads he gave me and reworked them into what became Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow. Once we had a rough idea about the tone of the book, Ben realized Carlo was just wrapping up some Gen13 stuff, and approached him to see if he'd be into it. Luckily for us, he was.

Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow #1 (of #6) is scheduled to debut on May 21st, 2008. For more information, stay tuned to

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ex Machina #35

Written by Brian K. Vaughan;
Art by Tony Harris and Jim Clark;
Cover by Harris

It's a little-known fact that NYC's first City Hall was built by African slaves — men and women whose spirits continue to haunt the administration of vigilante-turned-politician Mitchell Hundred. Wildstorm Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers On Sale March 19, 2008

The New Dynamix #2

Written by Allen Warner;
Art and Cover by J.J. Kirby;
Variant Cover by Jim Lee

Now that the Black Halo has once again taken up heroics, can he be persuaded to join Rocket and Sword in endorsement deals? Is that really what he came back for? No, he's left his desert townhouse to make a difference, and he starts by confronting his roommate, Gramalkin, who's been having visions about the end of the world. Halo and Rocket are heading to downtown San Francisco to see what there is to learn – and what the end of the world has to do with the missing WildStorm super-powered-beings Wildstorm 32pg. Color $2.99 US On Sale April 2, 2008

Midnighter #18
Written by Keith Giffen;
Art by Lee Garbett and Rick Burchett;
Cover by Garbett and Trevor Scott

Assassin8, the world's deadliest hitman and a genetic chameleon, has defeated the Midnighter and taken over his identity. Next stop: the Carrier and the rest of the Authority...and the actual target of his assignment. Wildstorm Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US On Sale April 2, 2008