Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ex Machina #35

Written by Brian K. Vaughan;
Art by Tony Harris and Jim Clark;
Cover by Harris

It's a little-known fact that NYC's first City Hall was built by African slaves — men and women whose spirits continue to haunt the administration of vigilante-turned-politician Mitchell Hundred. Wildstorm Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers On Sale March 19, 2008

The New Dynamix #2

Written by Allen Warner;
Art and Cover by J.J. Kirby;
Variant Cover by Jim Lee

Now that the Black Halo has once again taken up heroics, can he be persuaded to join Rocket and Sword in endorsement deals? Is that really what he came back for? No, he's left his desert townhouse to make a difference, and he starts by confronting his roommate, Gramalkin, who's been having visions about the end of the world. Halo and Rocket are heading to downtown San Francisco to see what there is to learn – and what the end of the world has to do with the missing WildStorm super-powered-beings Wildstorm 32pg. Color $2.99 US On Sale April 2, 2008

Midnighter #18
Written by Keith Giffen;
Art by Lee Garbett and Rick Burchett;
Cover by Garbett and Trevor Scott

Assassin8, the world's deadliest hitman and a genetic chameleon, has defeated the Midnighter and taken over his identity. Next stop: the Carrier and the rest of the Authority...and the actual target of his assignment. Wildstorm Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US On Sale April 2, 2008

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