Wednesday, March 5, 2008


THE DRIZZLE: This is my monthly column, where I just give my musings of the Wildstorm titles I read. Things I like, don't like or just what I'm thinking as I read them. they will be from the month before because I get my book from DCBS monthly. So this will be about the WIldstorm books that were released in February. in the order that I read them.

WildStorm Revelations 3 & 4
  • Issue #3, cover. apparently Batman and Wonder Woman like to dine at the Chick N' Go.
  • Nemesis restarts the clock on feminism.
  • One... two more importantly three! Hitler's words.
  • I forgot that "Ajita" was pregers.
  • Nemesis grazes on wings till her side salad is rustled up.
  • Supa-Fly-Girl
  • Emoticon get a new... emoticon? and yes... she did.
  • I feel Savants displeasure with the abundance of food metaphors.
  • A collector of books, Bibliophile. You're welcome.
  • DOODY!
  • Lorna Doone?
  • May he rest in peace instead of pieces.
  • Nemesis' preoccupation
  • Backlash has been a bad girl.
  • Issue #4, the art in this issue reminded me of the A-ha -"Take on me" video.
  • The things girls keep in their purses.
  • Glop?
  • Savant's au natural is ALL-NATURAL!
  • She slices, she dices...
  • Turtle soup.
  • Half eatened haggis.
  • Haggis-breath.

Authority: Prime #5

  • ah the subsequent superhero team up.
  • Bendix's theories at practice.
  • Rose savoring her gun
  • You are a leather queen, Midnighter. There I said it for Cannon.
  • Rose is Rose
  • I know that look too
  • Bushido is given arthritis

Deathblow #9

  • Either the best comic I read or the worst... I don't know... I don't know.
  • AAAH*
  • Kill the bitches. Literally
  • COGGH*
  • NRRRR*, Fantasizing about Linda Tripp is sick, very
  • OH*
  • WHRUU*
  • Gunny-rats
  • An old yeller moment, nice
  • So wait... Deathblow made Ultimate Marvel? Nice

Midnighter #16

  • The Frank Quietly-esque art of Lee Garbett. Buenvenito.
  • Midnighter, the creepy uncle.
  • So... is that the Engineer they're talking to?
  • Midnighter and his trusty sidekick Kid Mindy.
  • Henry the eighth, Wow I'm sad that I just got that.
  • Truce?
  • Somewhere slightly to the left of reality.

Gen13 #17

  • Pigeon butcher of the urals.
  • Grunganov
  • A fabric with metallic threads, Lame' . You're welcome
  • Teenagers are so two demensional
  • In chaos we trust.
  • The professor hangs aound

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